Monday, January 7, 2013

Ready Set Go

So in 2.5 years I managed to gain 28 pounds of what I devoted and did so much to lose .I manage to be 12 pounds away from 200 pounds and in 2.5 years I manage to slowly see the scale go up and up. So yes I may be the biggest loser because after losing 47 pounds I manage to put most of it back. Yup I did that. I am not going to sit here and analyze the past it is what it is.

Food is a lot of things for me and I know that. I knew that before and I don't deny it. It is my friend, my enemy, my comfort, my joy, my sadness it is always my consent in everything and anything!

So now before I tip the scale to 207 again I decided to stop talking to stop starting and never finishing. I am back bitches with a personal revenge :p.

I started a little competition within some close friends because like me they need the motivation, because something about "beating" someone gets you hype and ready to run some miles.

It's simple and my main goal is to get myself and the girls (2 other friends) back into the groove. It takes 30 days to break addiction so here we go breaking old habits and starting new ones.

It's really simple and anyone can do it among friends or family we weighed in today and on Feb 7th we will do the weigh in by using the body fat calculation  that they use on the show - The Biggest Loser. The two losers will put $20 dollars a gift card towards the winner choice and we'll go celebrate with the winner. In the end we are all winners because for sure a pound less we will at least be. You guys can switch up the prize and use whatever works for your team.

I am always in it to win it. I never underestimate my competition and I am always ready for war (and a good ol time) so rip to this fat.

So as my friends said - The gloves are off!

Ready Set Go


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