Friday, December 28, 2012

A Look Back and a Look Forward

2012 was hard. I mean it was filled with a lot of shit too much shit. Today while I am chilling with my baby niece (who is making my baby fever extra high)  and while she naps, I am thinking of 2012.

I had so much anticipation. Like way too much for this year. I thought my problems was going to be over with having my man home. I am not sure why I depended on his arrival home to solve so much when 1. It wasn't a for sure thing and 2. Its not like he coming home with a big ol lottery checks he too will have many challenges.

It was hard because I put only one egg into the basket. I did. And the egg cracked with nothing in it lol. I isolated myself and just sat there watching that egg and growing bitter that the freaking egg had nothing in it. Until a couple weeks ago when I came back to the blog and had my "aha" moment.

2012 was not fun. I lived alone and lived check by check (not because I wanted to) but because shit it's hard living alone. I did way too many random things that brought my debt up (although I have no regrets- I am literally paying for it now). I lost some friends but gained some new ones but due to my own situations I feel like I didn't take advantage of these great people around me. In short 2012 was not one of my best years. It was bland.

So what am I going to wait for in 2013?!?! Guess! I'll give you a sec...okay your taking too long. I am going to wait for NOTHING. I am going to try to achieve NOTHING ( I mean I am always planning but I am not setting my eyes on anything just yet). I am doing the completely opposite. I am putting some eggs in my basket and proceeding with cautious.

What are some things you enjoyed/hated of 2012 and what are some things that your looking forward to in 2013?

Happy New Years to my beautiful readers!!!


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